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8-10 Dec 2000 - Davos, Switzerland

The UK Texas Exes & friends had a great pre-Christmas weekend of skiing, boarding, enbibing and fondue gluttony.  The elite team of eight met up on Friday night in Luton and Zurich to boldly go where no UKTE ski trip had gone before: 

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Davos turned out to THE place for early season snow, with TONS of the white stuff versus the, er, "limited snowfall" experienced last year by UKTE in Chamonix France.  It looks like we've found a new home on Der Slopens.

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                                     Sara, Geoff, Rick & Jim soak up                 The crew unwinds after assaulting the                   

 the Snow & Sun                                        Summit of Parsens

The UKTE's hit the slopes hard (literally, to include Sara's "Ooops I flattened the cute Italian Guy" rendezvous) that left everyone wishing they had spent one more day/week/month at the gym and had one less round on Saturday night.

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UKTE HQ:  Central Sporthotel, Davos

The now-traditional Saturday fondue extravaganza at the 'Cafe Genitalia' (did I get that right?) in Davos Platz saw a run on the fromage, escargot, ostrich, and Bambi.

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Skifürhrer Kelly hard at work

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