Pictures from The 2nd Annual UKTE Softball Classic

Saturday August 23rd, Regents Park, Central London

Featuring the Republican vs. Democrat Abroad GRUDGE MATCH!

Softball, relaxation, merriment, and a touch of DA/RA political controversy - of course! - made for a great day of Americana in Regents Park


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A few wide shots of the the action on the field


DA bringing home a run against RA; Patrick hitting a hot one right back at Andy;

Carra right before her clutch, last out single to save the day


At-the-plate action shots, who needs Sports illustrated?


Off the diamond, loads of roster scrambling, onlooking, and yawn, just plain chilling out


In the field, at the plate, and making his feelings known during the DA/RA scrum,

Tim "Hot Tamale" Russo made his presence felt


What to do after 6 hours of beer drinking on the field?  Hmmm, The pub beer garden, of course!


It was a 90-mph hit to the eye, honest!; The buckeye contingent with poser "Grandma-lived-There" Rick ; Ryan doing some strange Southwestern U one-eyed knute somethingorother


Tournament Results

Visitors Home


Democrats Abroad Rest of the World TIE
Republicans Aboad UK Texas Exes UKTE
DA  RA RA (by a hanging chad)
ROW RA ROW, 'cause RA went home!

The 2-1-0 Victorious UK Texas Exes Team

WHERE were those skills back in June???

Final "Standings"

Champions: UK Texas Exes 2-1-0

Democrats Abroad:    1-1-1

Rest of the World:      1-1-1

Republicans Abroad:  1-1-0


Thanks to everyone for coming out & making it a great day!!


 A HUGE thanks to those that made it all happen:

Patrick "Come on, just pitch one more game" Hearn, for arranging EVERYTHING

Jeff "Why Me?" Nichols, for refereeing the contentious RA/DA grudgematch

Tim "His Highlight Reel is Above" Russo for Umping

Eileen "Sports CameraWoman Extraordinaire" Pestorius, for most of these pics

And Dave , Leta, Tim and Patrick for Managing the Teams


Rick "What's he on about now" Kelly


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