Pics from Texas-OU 2002 @ Diageo

October 13th, 2002

A HUGE thanks to:

 Robert Moore & Diageo for letting us enjoy the day in your wonderful bar

And to Allan Sih, Stephen Land & all the NEW YORK TEXAS EXES for getting us the tape to make it all possible


Click on each pic below to get the full size version


A huge crowd of well over 100, thanks to everyone

 (except OU) for making it a great day!


Yet more proof that we definitely follow 'The Vow' - These pics were NOT taken during the 4th quarter!


     Who the heck is that in the back celebrat...         Hey Jeff, Tech got THEIR Butts                   

            hey, those are SOONER colors                           kicked this weekend too!                     


Adrian S. Esq.  is available for all your legal needs.

He can also provide tips on chest painting

next time you're at Memorial Stadium



               The Pizza showed up at half time...          Jonathan & Adrienne trying to sweet  talk

          so where was the 'Horns Offence?           Shelley & Gareth out of their winnings


The Napps & Pestoriuses (or is that Pestori?) enjoy the first half

At least the drinks rock at Diageo! More group pics...


No, the season AIN'T OVER!!!  UKTEs sing "The Eyes". 

We'll be BACK against KSU, ISU, and Nebraska over the next three weeks - HOOK' EM!

The game was brought to you by (from left to right):

Adrienne Z. (Welcome Desk & Many of these pics), Ali K. (Welcome Desk), Adrienne with Laura S. (Welcome Desk & Pics), Stephen "Jet Lag?  What Jet Lag?" Land (Tape Courier from the New York Exes), Rick K. (General running around in a mild panic). Not pictured: Carra S. (Welcome Desk), Matt R. (set up and Squares-Man extraordinaire),  Brett & Caroline B. (Welcome Desk) & Carrie N. (Pics while Jeff was smirking about us losing)

Big thanks to all the day's volunteers!!!


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