Pics from the 3rd Annual UKTE Pub Crawl

The mobile beach party across West London in AWESOME Weather, 28 June 2003

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Getting started, Rick says "Talk to the Hand" at the Swan, all looks pretty calm on the bus early on, James & Megan all lovey-dovey in the back o# the bus, and chillin' with The Pimms canalside at The Waterway.  It was SO hard to leave there with the weather and view as spectacular as they were, but we packed it up and headed to...

...the out-of-the-way, and Bohemian "Paradise Via Kensall Green".  Part of the In Crawl Entertainment was "MiniMeBeckham" and Kym & Patty renewing their Flatmate Vows, before we packed up for...

The Prince of Wales in Holland Park, complete with their airplane seats that were damn tough to get Dave K. out of (except when someone mentioned the word "Pizza!");  Jenny (with Hadley) somehow looking great despite joining the crawl straight from her flight from the US; Part of the LBS crew enjoying a Diet Coke (riiiight), and our intrepid Driver Alan, who was GREAT despite those that refused to stop hitting the damn "Stop Request" buttons over & over again

Back on the bus again, off to The Blue Anchor on the banks of the Thames, where multiple postcard-quality views and pics were found and the jocularity hit a new level, just ask Patty...

The the final leg, back to The Swan!  Liisa (donning her now-traditional "Crawl Shawl") volunteers to drive and then some SERIOUSLY off-key renditions of Bon Jovy tunes lead by Caroline & Laura and we (sadly) found out that Roddy is a TRUE Scot

Thanks to EVERYONE that made this a great day!!!!

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