100+ UKTEs (and some good sports Aggies too) Watch Texas DRUB Texas A&M LIVE at Bodeans, 28 Nov 03


click on the pics below to get full size versions


Everybody downstairs loaded up on BBQ and High Fives downstairs including the Horn/Aggie Crowd in "The Hutch"

While it was a Mosh Pit at times up in the Bar, but what's a little close quarters when

 we're beatin' the bejezus out of A&M?

The Ladies 'Horns from Edinburgh and Terry (right)  from Amsterdam that flew in

JUST to watch the game with us!

El Prez Rick welcomes the newest Official Texas Ex, Patrick Hearn,

who could be more deserving??

It was close to 1:00 a.m. before the 'Horn score-o-meter stopped

and we were able to give a final "Eyes" after a GREAT '03 Regular Season,

bring on the BCS!!


Thanks to EVERYONE that made 2003 the BEST UKTE Season EVER!!!


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