The 1st Annual UKTE Big Bus PUB CRAWL!     




Here they are, the pics from the Pub Crawl.  At least the ones that won't end any careers or scare small children.   

Seventeen Exes and Friends set off from the Swan promptly at 2:00 (or was it 2:45?) and caught our first unsuspecting bus of tourists - and those poor commentators - heading past Marble Arch on the way to The Metropolitan by Madame Tussauds.  'Mr. Punto' was on hand to make us all remember the best of the Lone Star State.


The Crew about to meet Mr. Punto!!! 

After a leisurely health food lunch (Klaus easy winner of Sausage eating contest), we then returned to The Big Bus and off to the Blue Posts of Carnaby Street


        Jim & McRex McBonding                          Texas 'fashion' alive & well outside The Metropolitan


The Blue Posts was a great opportunity to enjoy the sun and Lloyd to dye his shirt burnt orange ala Orange Hooch



Scotty McRexrode & Co. at The Blue Posts,                                     The Ladies & Lord Nelson

John still 'pre-Fabio' at this point                                                                     

The day started sunny and bright, but right about the time we, er, 'lost' Pub #4 (The Old Monk) and replaced it with The Bag o' Nails (love that name), the heavens let loose and we enjoyed a lovely summer 'sprinkle' ala Hurricane Alicia.



It wouldn't be London without a little Monsoon

Is that McRex enjoying a moment of solitude on the left?

After a refreshing bath and the Return of Mr. Punto(!), darkness set in and then came....The Stanhope.  Now these two pictures look o.k., hmmmm maybe there are a few more pics perhaps there is a link hidden at the bottom of the page...



                                     Aaaaaaaw, how cute!                                                    As night falls, things start                               

                                                                                                 to get a litttttttle more silly...

For all the details of how this day all worked, click here

Thanks to everyone that came out to make this a very fun day!

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