horns_active.gif (1053 bytes)The 6th Annual UKTE SKI WEEKENDhorns_active.gif (1053 bytes)     

4-7 Dec 03, Kaprun, Austria


20+ UKTE's and friends returned to Kaprun for our traditional early season ski & merriment weekend complete with appearances from The Mayor, Dracula, and a whole bunch of brass-assed gorillas

A quiet serene, mountain, until...Snowfest and the UKTE's Arrive!



It started out sedate enough, chillin' in town, on the slopes, face down in the snow...


Getting in some crack-of-noon skiing on Friday...


Followed by a few chilled Apres' Ski drinks...

All looks fine at dinner, until......

Aaaaarrgghhhhh!  When Scary-Masked Gorillas Attack!

Who knew you could do that to polka? 

We SO got backstage passes to hang with the band


Just a quiet night out, then first run up, right?

Then MAX happened. The now-Mayor of Kaprun took over the bar then became possessed by the dark side



Hadley got cranking,

as did Right Said Fred (entirely too sexy for their shirts)



But no one could have been prepared for Count Grant   


or the strange charms of Nicky (worry not Ali, that's as close as he got)

AND that's as close as Rick got to a piece Aimee,

not that John noticed...


Grant looking for his skis (really, they might show, honest)

and the crew heading down the mountain Sat, after a quick toddy